Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cop Draws Gun On Property Owner After Getting Caught Pissing There

DA: Framingham cop a whiz on the job
By Ira Kantor
October 1, 2010

An on-duty Framingham police detective accused of pulling over to relieve himself in a private yard, then drawing his gun on the home’s resident, has been indicted on criminal charges, the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office announced yesterday.

Detective Scott Brown, 38, of Mendon was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon and making threats stemming from an April 29 incident taking place on private property in Framingham, said spokeswoman Cara O’Brien.

Prosecutors say Brown, who was on-duty but not in uniform and driving an unmarked vehicle, got out and began to urinate. A woman who lives at the unidentified address approached and asked what he and his partner were doing, O’Brien said.

After Brown allegedly told the woman to “stop looking” and returned to his cruiser, her husband - upon hearing the commotion - drove over in his golf cart and stopped next to Brown as he was pulling away, O’Brien said.

The two exchanged words, and Brown then got out and drew his firearm, pointed it at the victim, and said, “Move it or get shot,” prosecutors said.

The wife called 911. A video surveillance camera on the property captured the incident, O’Brien said. Messages left with Framingham police were not returned. Brown could not be reached for comment.

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Elderly Man To Sue Police Over Broken Neck

September 29, 2010
ORLANDO, Fla. -- All criminal charges have been dropped against an 84-year-old man whose neck was broken when he was thrown down by an Orlando police officer.

Daniel Daley's lawyer wants the grand jury to investigate the officer and he's going to sue police for as much as he can.

"We will be seeking the absolute maximum damages under the law and for every claim of action the law permits," Attorney Mark NeJame said during Wednesday's press conference.

NeJame told WFTV on Wednesday that, in addition to the neck brace supporting Daley's broken neck, a steel plate has been implanted to hold his head in place; Daley still might not make it.

With Daley's son at his side, NeJame came out swinging, saying Orlando Officer Travis Lamont is the only one who says Daley got physically aggressive with him, because all other eyewitnesses who came to the news conference said Daley did not.

"Mr. Daley was tossed high in the air and came crashing down on his neck and head with such violence and force that his neck was snapped and broken," NeJame said Wednesday.

NeJame wants the state attorney to take Officer Lamont's actions to a grand jury for criminal investigation.

"The actions taken by Officer Lamont were illegal, unjustified, constituted police brutality," he said.

The Orlando officer said the 84-year-old drew back his fist and that's when he took Daley down and arrested him.

"To be cuffed the way that he was, arms snapped behind him with the knee in the back, and then sat up Indian-style with his head hanging down, I will never lose that image," eyewitness Sean Hill said.

Police say Daley was drunk, with a blood-alcohol-level of .18, more than twice the legal driving limit. But Daley's attorney says police had no right to that medical information, because Daley wasn't driving, so he's also planning to sue Orlando police for invasion of privacy and slander.

Daley's family is devastated.

"To see him like that. Are you kidding me? I had to leave early the other night, because he's gagging for breath," Daley's son, Greg, said.

The state attorney said it has no plans to take the case to a grand jury and there will be no consideration of criminal charges against Officer Lamont for what happened unless a law enforcement agency investigates and sends a case to prosecutors.

The maximum Daley can sue for might be just $100,000 if the suit is taken to state court. There is a $100,000 cap on lawsuits against government agencies, unless the state legislature approves an exception.

But if the lawsuit is filed in federal court, the caps don't apply. A federal lawsuit against the Orange County jail, involving an inmate who died because the jail did not provide her methadone, brought a $3 million settlement from the jail.

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